Cationic Dyes
    Dyes For Textile-Cationic Dyes
    Acrylic / Cationic dyes are a range of modified basic (cationic) dyestuffs which are eminently suitable for the dyeing of all types of acrylic fibre, in all forms, including blends. These dyes possess excellent fastness to light and wet treatments.


    Name CI No. Color
    1 Acryl Yellow X-8GL Basic Yellow 13 Acryl Yellow X-8GL
    2 Acryl Yellow 7GLL Basic Yellow 21 Acryl Yellow 7GLL
    3 Acryl Golden Yellow X-GL Basic Yellow 28 Acryl Golden Yellow X-GL
    4 Brill. Flav. Yellow X-10GFF Basic Yellow 40 Brill. Flav. Yellow X-10GFF
    5 Acryl Pink X-FG Basic Red 13 Acryl Pink X-FG
    6 Acryl Brill. Red X-5GN Basic Red 14 Acryl Brill. Red X-5GN
    7 Acryl Brill. Red X-B Basic Red 15 Acryl Brill. Red X-B
    8 acryl Red GTL Basic Red 18 acryl Red GTL
    9 acryl Red X-GRL Basic Red 46 acryl Red X-GRL
    10 Acryl Pink X-6B Basic Violet 7 Acryl Pink X-6B
    11 Acryl Red Violet 3R Basic Violet 16 Acryl Red Violet 3R
    12 Acryl Turq. Blue X-GB Basic Blue 3 Acryl Turq. Blue X-GB
    13 Acryl Blue X-GRL Basic Blue 41 Acryl Blue X-GRL
    14 Non-Zn acryl Blue X-GRRL Basic Blue 41 Non-Zn acryl Blue X-GRRL

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